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JoomlaXTC FlashXTC Pro Reference Guide

Pre Installation Notes:
FlashXTC pro is a Joomla Component and Module Package


FlashXTC Pro displays one or more Flash-based programs in a single location to create engaging and sophistcated effects for your website. The different effects, their position and configuration parameters are easly managed within FlashXTC Pro using familiar administration screens.

You start by creating a Panel, which will be the display area of the flash effect programs, then you can add one or more Layers to that panel, each one containing a Flash effect. You can arrange the layers in any order and position to suit your desired design goals.


After downloading the extension package file to your PC, you have to:

#1 Unzip the package

#2 Upload the to your Joomla install via the Joomla Extension Installer.

#3 Upload the to your Joomla install via the Joomla Extension Installer.

After installation you will first need to set up at least one Panel:

#1 Open the FlashXTC Pro component from your Joomla Administration panel and go to the Panels area.

From the TOP Menu in your Joomla Administration Panel, Select Components -> JoomlaXTC FlashXTCPro

#2 You must first create a Flash Panel first. Start by selecting NEW on the top right of the page. This creates a master panel that you can add the flash elements to as LAYERS.

Setting up the PANEL parameters:

Title: Title of the PANEL (only used to identify the PANEL)

Width: The overall width of the panel to be used in the module

Height: The overall height of the panel to be used in the module

Background: Select NONE / Solid Color / or an image from your site /images folder.

Panel Background Color: The background color to use if Solid Color is selected for your background setting

Panel Border Color: The border color to use if you choose a border size

Panel Border Size: Size in PX of the Panels border

Custom CSS Code: Use custom CSS code here for additional panel style

Published: Select yes to publish. This will make the panel available for selection in the FlashXTC module.

After setting up the configuration for the Panel click the SAVE button on the top right


The FlashXTC component can display one panel at a time in the frontpage. Click on the Panels menu option, then mark the checkbox next to a panel and click on the Default icon at the top right to define the panel to display in the component. If you want to display the same or multiple panels elsewhere, you can use the FlashXTC Module.

Now your first Panel is set - It's time to start setting up the layers

#3 Select Layers view in the JoomlaXTC FlashXTC Pro component main page

#4 You must first create at least one Layer first. The FlashXTC component allows you to set unlimited flash elements as layers inside of each Panel. Start by selecting NEW on the top right of the page. This creates a new layer that you can add the flash elements to as LAYERS.

Setting up the Layer parameters:

Title: Title Layer (only used to identify the Layer)

Effect Type: Select from over 10 configurable effects and tools

Panel Name: The name of the PANEL to display the layer in. You can have unlimited Layers inside each panel

Published: Select yes to publish

After setting up the configuration for the Layer click the APPLY button on the top right. This will refresh the page to show the additional Parameters for the Flash Effect you have chosen. If you selected the wrong effect for a layer, you need to delete it and create a new one.

For full documentation on each Effect Parameter view Section Three.

JoomlaXTC FlashXTC Pro Module Set Up:

In order to display the FlashXTC Panel as a module you must first select an existing position or create a new module position to display the Panel.

To show the Flash Panel in a module position open you Joomla module manager and select the mod_jxtc_flashxtcpro module.

Setting up the Module parameters:

Panel: Select the Panel that you would like to display in the module

Enable Debug Mode: For Debugging Only

Module Class Suffix: Your custom suffix style

JoomlaXTC FlashXTC Pro Flash Effect Parameters:

Each layer uses a general parameter set up to identify and position the layer in the panel. Once you have created a layer, selected the effect, and clicked applied the page will refresh displaying the General Layer Parameters and Custom Effect Parameters.

#1 Layer Position and Width: Each layer can be positioned in the panel using pixel based X / Y Coordinates. The starting point for each layer is the top left corner with an X / Y Value of 0 / 0.

Setting up the Layer Position and Width:

X Position: Horizontal Position of the Layer in the Panel in PX

Y Position: Vertical Position of the Layer in the Panel in PX

Custom CSS Code: Use custom CSS code here for additional layer style

Width: Width of the Layer in PX

Height: Height of the Layer in PX

3D Carousel Parameters:

Carousel Image Width
Carousel Image Height
Radias of Carousel
Focal Blur of Images
Elevation of Carousel
Enable Bottom Reflection of Images
Add a Border around Images
Enable Tool Tip
Enable Mouse Follow
Image File
Tool Tip Description
Image URL
Link Window Setting

3D Cube Parameters:

Horizontal or Vertical
Ascending or Descending
Speed of Cube
Overall Cube Width
Overall Cube Height
Link Window
Dwell Value
Image File

Countdown Parameters:

Background Color for Countdown
Calendar Year
Calendar Month
Calendar Day
Calendar Hour
Calendar Minute
Calendar Second
Background Color of the Counter
Background Color of Label Area
Text Color for Label
Shadow Color for the Counter
Highlightcolor for the Counter
Grill Color
Top Gradient Color of Grill
Middle Gradient Color of Grill
Bottom Gradient Color of Grill
Main Counter Text Color
Transition Type
Transition Time in Mil Seconds
Link of Counter
End Text
URL Path when end
URL Target

Drop Down HTML Menu Parameters:

Overall Menu Width
Overall Menu height
Drop Down Height
Pages Per Drop Down Menu
Slide Down Time
Slide Up Time
Slide Hide Delay
Menu Vertical Spacing
Menu Horizontal Spacing
Drop Down Effect Type
Drop Down Effect Time
Transition Time
Link Title
Icon JPG, GIF, or PNG
Link Window

Horizontal Marqee Parameters:

Marqee Width
Text Style
Size of Text
Color of Text
Glow Effect
Text Transparency
Hover Color
Hover Transparency
Background Dot Color
Background Dot Transparency
Background Dot Glow
Word Spacing
Letter Spacing
Bottom Color
Bottom Transparency
Bottom Horizontal Blur
Bottom Vertical Blur
Bottom Strength
Bottom Quality
inner Inner Color
Knock Out Color
Top Color
Top Transparency
Top Horizontal Blur
Top Vertical Blur
Top Strength
Top Quality
Inner Color
Knock Out Color
Middle Color
Middle Transparency
Middle Horizontal Blur
Middle Vertical Blur
Middle Strength
Middle Quality
inner Inner Color
Knock Out Color
Step Pixels
Step Speed
Marqee Direction
Loop Backward?
Padding In Pixels
Number of Marquees
Text for Marquee

ToolTip Text Parameters:

Background Color for Tip
Background Transparency
Background Shadow Transparency
Follow Mouse?
Delay Time
Overall Width
Text Direction
Your Custom Text and HTML

White or Black
Enable Controls Expansion
Start Expanded
Hover Color
Expansion Close Wait Time
Start Volume
Shuffle Playlist
Buffer Seconds
Start Paused or Playing
MP3 File

Scene Slideshow Parameters:

Loop On or Off
Number of Slides / Scenes

Background Slide or SWF File
Time for next word
Text Transition Time
Message Time
Number of Phases - Text Areas
Font Style
Text Horizontal Position
Text Vertical Position
Font Size
Font Color
Animation Type
Easing Style
Sync to Letters or Word
Mirror Reflection on text
Starting Rotation
Starting Horizontal Blur
Starting Vertical Blur
Starting Transparency
Horizontal Motion
Vertical Motion
Starting Horizontal Scale
Starting Vertical Scale
Your Custom Text
Video Player Parameters:

Width of Control Panel
Control Panel Position
Control Panel Alignment
Control Distance from Edge
Autohide hit zone - Where the mouse over effects the slide in for the controls
Autohide pause time
Line Color
Button Background Color
Button Normal Color
Button Mouse Over
Mouse Over Color
Volume Bar Color
Volume Bar Transparency
Volume Bars Color
Volume Bars Transparency
Spectrum Sample Time
Scrolling Time
Scrolling Pause
Scrolling Animation Type
Play Button Text
Pause Button Text
Previous Video Text
Next Video Text
Volume Text
Starting Volume Level
Shuffle Mode
Start Paused
Use Scan Lines
Scan Line Transparency
Video Transparency
Video File
Name of Video
Horizontal Scroll Menu Parameters:

Overall Menu Width
Overall Menu Height
Font Size
Font Padding
Background Color
Line Color
Top Gradient Color Effect
Bottom Gradient
Normal Text Color
Hover Text Color
Transition Type
Transition Time
Link URL
Menu Link Name
Link Window
Sphere Menu Parameters:

Sphere Menu Style
Radius of Sphere Effect
Scale of the Foreground
Scale of the Background
Foreground Transparency
Background Transparency
Blur Effect for the Foreground
Blur Effect for the Background
Ray Scale for Foreground
Ray Scale for the Background
Background Ray Transparency
Distance Under
Multiply Effects
Image Zoom Size
Enable Circle Around Sphere
Normal Border Color
Normal Border Size
Hover Border Color
Hover Border Size
Number of Links
Image or SWF file
Tool Tip Text
URL for Link
Media Gallery Parameters:

Thumbnail Width
Video Player Width
Video Player Height
Audio Player Width
Audio Player Height
Show Spectrum Animation
Number of Media Files
Thumbnail image
Media File

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Didn't find an Answer?

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