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JoomlaXTC's Image Gallery plugin is the easiest way to include image galleries on Joomla! or K2 content. It is easy to setup to let you add nice thumbnails and great-looking image slideshows in no time.


Installation is done as with any standard Joomla extension following these steps:

  1. Download the plugin zip file to your PC.
  2. Use the standard Joomla Extension Manager to install the file.


Before using the plugin, it must be configured first by going to the Extensions / Plug-In manager menu option and clicking on the plugin name to edit the parameters. The parameters are organized in groups for easy identification. For better results, make sure the plugin is in a Disabled state at first and while you configure it to prevent any bad data or other disruption to your website frontend. Enable the plugin once you are done setting the parameters.

Plugin options are split in two main tabs described below:

Plugin Options

Field Description
Gallery Content TagSets the tag name to look for. Default value is 'gallery' so content tag would be: {gallery}parameters{/gallery}
Thumbnail WidthSet the width of thumbnails (in pixels).
Thumbnail HeightSet the height of thumbnails (in pixels).
Thumbnail typeSelect method to build thumbnails.
SingleWhen enabled, only the first thumbnail will be shown in the content item. Disable to show all thumbnails.
PaddingSpace between image wrapper and content.
MarginSpace between viewport and image wrapper.
OpacityWhen enabled, transparency of content is changed for elastic transitions.
CyclicWhen true, galleries will be cyclic, allowing you to keep pressing next/back buttons.
AutoscaleIf enabled, image is scaled to fit in browser window.
Center on scrollWhen enabled, image is centered while scrolling.
Hide on overlay clickToggle if clicking the overlay should close image.
Hide on content clickToggle if clicking the content should close image.
Enable overlayToggle overlay shadow.
Overlay opacityOpacity of the overlay (from 0 to 1)
Overlay colorColor of the overlay.
Show info areaToggle Title/description display area.
Show titleToggle title text if available.
Show descriptionToggle description text if available.
NumberingToggle image numbering on titles.
Title positionThe position of title.
Start transitionThe initial transition type.
Exit transitionThe final transition type.
Start speedSpeed of initial transition (in milliseconds).
Exit speedSpeed of final transition (in milliseconds).
Change speedSpeed of image change (in milliseconds).
Fade speedSpeed of image fade (in milliseconds).
Show Close buttonEnable or disable close button.
Show navigation buttonsEnable or disable navigation buttons.

Advanced Options

Field Description
Use PNG thumbnailsWhen enabled, all thumbnails will be store in PNG format with transparent background.
Thumbnail background colorBackground color for thumbnails. Default: FFFFFF
jQuery loadChoose jQuery load method (this option is not available on Joomla! 3.0).
Preload MootoolsPreloading Mootools helps resolve jQuery/Mootools conflicts.
Mouse wheel navigationEnable or disable mouse wheel navigation.
CSS loadLoad plugin CSS. Disable if you want to use CSS from some other place.

Adding galleries to content articles

To add a gallery of images to a Joomla! article or K2 item, just upload one or more image file to a folder in the media/ or images/ folders of your website. For example, you may want to upload image1.jpg, image2.jpg and image3.jpg to a folder called media/mygallery.

Once the images are stored, you can include the gallery in your article by using a special tag within the article contents. This allow you to position the gallery on any place with the document. To display the images in the example above, the tag will look like this:

The Image Plugin will look for files in a folder called mygallery on the media or images folders and will construct the necessary code to display them as part of your article.

Custom titles and descriptions

You can add custom titles and descriptions to your images in two different forms:

Text files per image

For each image file in the folder, add one or two extra files with the title and description you want. These two files must share the exact file name as the image, for example: if your image file is named "myphoto.jpeg", the title and description files must be named as follows:


Each file should contain the title or description text you wish to show.

Single label file

Place a "labels.txt" file in the same folder as the images, and edit the file to include the file name, title and description of each image. Each value must be placed on a single row per image and separated by a pipe (|) character. For example, if you have an image file named "myphoto.jpeg", the file should contain a text line like this:

myphoto.jpeg|My photo title|This is the description text of my photo.

Remember to place all information on a single row per image.

Label files support multiple languages, to do this just add one or more label files and name them according to Joomla's language convention:


Using K2 galleries

JoomlaXTC's Image Gallery plugin supports most K2 galleries transparently. In this case, it is recommended to disable K2's SIG gallery plugin and let Image Gallery do the job.

With this plugin, you can also include K2 galleries on Joomla! content simply by adding a tag pointing to a K2 gallery ID, for example:

This will display images from K2 gallery identified with ID 3 on your Joomla article.

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