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Change Log:

2013/09/04 Version 1.21.1

* Fixed: The module generated some warnings and notices message on the frontend

2013/04/02 Version 1.20.0

* Added support for Komento Avatars

2012/04/30 Version 1.15.1

* Fixed multiple selection on module parameters

2011/09/19 Version 1.14.0

* Fixed SEF url generation
* Added parameters to customize hour format * Added 2 new tags {eventstarttime g:i a} and {eventendtime g:i a} use it to control the hour format
2011/08/23 Version 1.13.0

* Added new options to allow set the format of the hour of the events

2011/07/20 Version 1.11.2

* Fixed problem related with the generation of the url to events details and venue details

2011/05/31 Version 1.11.1

* Solved issue that shows multiple times the same record

2011/06/08 Version 1.11.0

* Added support for layout templates

2011/05/31 Version 1.10.2

* Solved issue that shows multiple times the same record, change only in version for EventList 1.1.0

2011/05/23 Version 1.10.1

* Solved issue that shows multiple times the same record.

2011/05/05 Version 1.10.0

* Added new tag {descriptionimageurl} for event image
* Branched to support Eventlist versions 1.0.* and 1.1.*
* Added Avatar compatibility option
2010/09/22 Version 1.9.0

* Added new City and State selection filters
* Fixed bug when "All" options and some other option were used in filters.
* Fixed date filter DB selection

2010/09/16 Version 1.8.0

* Added new date sort parameter